Thursday, July 13, 2006



1. Put the ajaxanywhere-1.2-RC2.jar
in WEB-INF/lib folder. The ajaxanywhere.tld is included in the JAR. The
TLD file tells the JSP/JSF framework where to look for uri

2. Modify web.xml, including
following lines in front of filters currently defined in the file:



<url-pattern>*.do</url-pattern> <!-- default Struts mapping -->

<url-pattern>*.htm</url-pattern> <!-- other framewords mapping-->

3. Download the demo ajaxAnywhereDemo-1.2-RC1.war package. Use jar to
extract the and put it
in your JSF project

4. Modify the faces-global.xml to include one bean defination:


5. On your JSF page, add following lines as highlighted:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<jsp:root version="2.0"
xmlns:aa="" />

< contentType="text/html"/>

... ...

<script src="aa.js"></script>

]]> </f:verbatim>

<h:outputText value="AjaxAnywhere JSF Testing"/>

<aa:zoneJSF id="letterst">
<h:selectOneListbox styleClass="selectListBoxStyle"
<f:selectItems value="#{postingStep1Form.categorySelectItems1}" id="categorySelectItem1"/>

<aa:zoneJSF id="categoryList">
<h:selectOneListbox styleClass="selectListBoxStyle"
<f:selectItems value="#{postingStep1Form.categorySelectItems2}" id="categorySelectItem2"/>

&lt;span id=cnt&gt;0</span&gt; seconds since last page refresh.
var sec=100;
function counter(){
setTimeout("counter();",1000); document.getElementById("cnt").innerHTML = sec++;


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